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Galley Table/Cabinet

Charley and Melissa Eddy, Snug Harbor, #97

These are photos of a table/cabinet that I built to fit between the two easy chairs on Snug Harbor.

(Click on picture for full size)


The table measures 18" wide x 21" high x 20" deep (at the cabin sole ~ 26" deep at the table top).


I used two sheets of 2' x 4' half inch teak faced plywood for the sides and table top and purchased the corner and edge trim pieces for the top that are available from marine catalogs. I also bought some 1/ 7/8" square teak stock which I formed into the rounded corners to match the look on the rest of the boat. For internal bracing I used mahogany to save on material costs.


I built it with a flip up lid that gives good access to ~4 cubic feet of storage space.


I finished it with the water based Target Coatings specified by Catalina - gloss on the tabletop and satin everywhere else.

I really liked the Target Coatings - easy to work with, fast drying, easy to clean up with soap and water and absolutely no VOC odor. The only issue I had was that I brushed on the gloss coating, when spraying would have probably worked better. As the thickness of the gloss built up I was not able to keep tiny little air bubbles out of the finish as it dried, which left minor imperfections in the final finish. Other than that the gloss finish came out like glass. It was also a bit of a shock when I first opened the can and saw the milky white substance that I was going to put on my hyper-expensive teak.