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AIS on Last Resort

Sharon and Dick Drechsler, Last Resort, #140


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AIS Display

AIS shot shows Fantasea One heading out of the Marina del Rey channel. If she had been heading towards me, the blue icon would have been flashing red and an audible alarm would sound on the computer. The group asked if I can hear it in the cockpit. The answer is that my computer audio runs through the Poly Planer and the alarm is audible on the cockpit speakers.

AIS Display

Nav Station - door closed. I added the louvred door to the Nav station. The pic here depicts it with the door closed so everyone can see how it looks underway.

AIS Display

People asked how the computer fit in the nav station. I bought a Hewlett Packard Pavilion Slimline, Model #s7712nPC. The CPU fits in the nav station like it was designed for absolutely perfect fit. Snug, but loose enough to accommodate the cables and whatnot behind the CPU. Mouse and keyboard are wireless and the flat screen monitor is mounted as shown.