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Auxiliary Bilge Pump

John MacDougall, Annie Laurie, #26


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Bilge Pump

My auxiliary bilge pump set-up is not quite as pretty as Maher's, but I used his detailed paper to do this project very easily. I use the BIG (1.5" outlet / 3700gph) Rule pump feeding a length of smooth bore 1.5" hose, …

Bilge Pump

… using smooth / wide bends, …

Bilge Pump

… up under the forward inboard end of the galley counter to a 1/5" Forespar anti-siphon loop secured to the bulkhead.

Bilge Pump

From there the hose runs smoothly to a 1.5" Forespar "Y"-Valve, …

Bilge Pump

… with the sink drain hose on the other side, and the output hose straight down to the seacock / thru-hull.

I have the new pump wired (12 ga wire) directly to an additional circuit breaker in the panel, since I didn't wish to have an automatic function, as the lack of a check valve would probably cause pump cycling which I didn't want.

I added a float switch to the bilge, and wired it to a loud siren in the Nav Station, to act as a Hi-Water Alarm. The float switch is secured to a piece of 1/2" Starboard, which is then secured to the top of a pair of keel bolts. If the water level in the bilge gets more than 2" - 3" above the tops of the keel bolts, the alarm will sound, alerting me to a problem.

There are other ways to do these projects, I just hope my photos and words help with some ideas.