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Chart Storage Portfolio

John MacDougall, Annie Laurie, #26


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Chart Storage

Those looking for some place to store their paper charts, here's a idea that's worked fine for me.

These photos show one of the artist's Portfolios that I use for storage of paper charts. I have 3 of these Portfolios, 2 of them on board and secured on top of the shelves, above the aft cabin lockers.

Chart Storage

They are "hard-sided", with double zippers going around 3 edges, and have internal elastic straps, etc. to separate different chart groups, etc.

They actually make a nice "snug fit" (measure and buy some that fit tight), but I have them further secured with a bungee attached to some stainless eye straps.

I can store a LOT of charts in just one of these Portfolios.....more than 50 NMA / NOAA charts folded in half fit just fine, with room for more.