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C470 Transom Seat Back Extensions

Bill Martinelli, Voyager, #11


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Transom Seat

These transom seats are the best seats in the house; only they are too low for really good back support!

These custom made rails give you the extra height for a really comfy seat to bellow orders from!

I tried to get these made by some stainless rail companies and the more I described what I wanted the more money and time they wanted to manufacture them.

For a pair I was quoted anywhere from $600.00 to $750.00 by three different companies, and at least one of those is noted for consistently exceeding their quotes. So I decided to make them myself.

They are made from 1" .065 stainless steel tubing, hand formed to shape then TIG welded to fixtures that clamp on to your exisiting rails. After forming, bending and welding they are highly polished.

You can have a pair for only $450.00, plus shipping!

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